Aadam Khwaja


Whilst my work is autobiographical, it also focuses on challenging the common everyday reproductions of war that are presented in the news, non-fiction films and documentaries. It seeks to find a different narrative with the use of digital painting aesthetics and virtual reality headsets. My digital practice was influenced extensively by French artist Jeanne Pierre Roy. His sci-fi and computer like graphical paintings, especially the works “Landshaftmaler (2016)” and “Entopticon (2016)” conveyed a faceless man holding a holographic device. This in turn led to exploring video game media and the sharing of in-game images that I have experienced being used as a backdrop for my digital paintings. Currently, the video game industry is focused on developing games that use virtual reality technological devices. This had been done before during the 80s when VR headsets were first presented. However due to the advancement in technology and computer animation, the boundaries of reality are now being questioned; my work seeks to explore the socio technological implications of this.