Alice Banfield

A puzzle hungers for my voice

The authentic voice of autism is continuously silenced by ever changing theories as to its cause; do these preconceptions allow autistic people to express their experiences freely?

I find the media’s portrayal of autism is limited to a male perspective, and it often portrays autistic people as consciously lacking empathy. While this male bias can be damaging, it is somewhat realistically demonstrating how the diagnosis process for autism fails women. The diagnosis is becoming exploited because without a formal diagnosis, autistic people could be denied the appropriate support. My practice confronts the anxiety built from ableism and societal perceptions that harm autistic people. In my paintings the anxiety is reflected by the use of vibrant, bold colours and repetitive textures represented in my mythical characters. Through these series of paintings, I am creating a platform for awareness and acceptance, which challenges people’s perceptions of autism whilst empowering the autistic community by highlighting the many positive attributes of autism.