Amal Idris

Love, Barbara

“I can’t remember,” says Barbara, “I just can’t remember what I am meant to be doing.” Barbara’s memories are there, but she gets stuck in the details.

What is Dementia? How does one lives with Dementia affect their loved ones? My work addresses the life of an elderly, Barbara, who lives with a decline in memory and communication.

Love, Barbara is a film-based installation. Using a double channel video inspired by John Akomfrah’s film “Purple” 2017, both film projections have the same duration and sync at the same time. Running approximately 4 minutes on loop, Love, Barbara looks at the physical effects of the ageing process, how memories can be retained through a repetitive dialogue, how one reminisces the past and how one understands the personal values that an elderly has. Developing my own set of aesthetics throughout the film, there are a number of close-up shots of the subject and the items that the subject has in her room. The film shots are inspired by Margaret Tait’s film “A Portrait of Ga” 1952. Each segment of the video projection opposes the other video. This is to present how Dementia plays inside an elderly’s mind. I would like to show the process of Dementia through filming by going further deeper into the visuals and the sound. Their cognitive abilities may not be able to retain old and new memories, which make them difficult to process new information.

“How old am I?” “I can’t remember” “I’m sorry duck” “I just can’t remember”