bringing urban art inside the pristine white gallery space

There are no soft lips to show femininity and there is no harsh jawline to show masculinity, but a body is still present through a performance of movement, emotion and gestures. I feel, I see, I paint; and as an artist who uses spray paints I am able to rapidly express these feelings onto a mixture of surfaces with what I see. With my palette, a spectrum of colourful readymades, I represent connection and experience with dramatic appreciation to colour. I allow the colours to run through me, to give them a choice and a place. Enabling them to represent something as atheistic and visually pleasing as the prussian blue in a midnight sky that a photograph could never portray. My simply seductive line work depicts movements of the body, to abstract landscapes and figures of all shapes, disproportional. My paintings are a personal expression, are unforced and hold no depth of meaning. What you see is what you see, works of a colourful, vibrant aesthetic that doesn’t have a reference to anything outside itself.