Ben Henshaw


When an aeroplanes cabin pressure becomes uninhabitable, oxygen masks will automatically drop in front of passengers. In no less than 30 seconds, one should always put their own mask on before assisting others. This procedure in this environment can also be applied in many problems that life throws at us, in turn this concept can be a coping mechanism, a reminder and of course a rule that one can choose to adopt. Not only this can be used as a tool to divert ones path from situations that are created, it is okay to think selfishly when needed.

Oxygen masks, air vests, exit signs and seat belts can all be interpreted as consideration for safety, using these ready-mades as objects, with the function of protection. The order for the correct use of these objects are as follows: seat belt, oxygen mask, exit and air vest. However when a hostile environment is created some may irrationally confuse this order and put themselves at risk, through their own fault, from sheer panic. When cruising at high altitudes, one is in flight and is enclosed in a space of limited dimensions. Bringing this environment to the ground along with, open planned space of this piece also aims to free oneself from this confinement, being nothing more than an illusion in ones mind. Sitting comfortably in the chair and listening to the noise of their environment can be tranquil, a safe space, that can exist in ones mind and moreover be a place of exit in various situations.

Multiple exit signs dictate where safe exits are located, being grouped together in various heights and angles, along with the absence of physical doorways to follow, may create disorientation, that is, the right path to exit. However despite this gesture one should know that in any situation that presents itself an exit does exist, in any situation at any given time, and it is okay to exit or remain in the situation, but do not forget that the oxygen mask is in your reach and you should always put it on first, before helping others, else how can one help themselves if they are dead?