Francesca Mills

A Still Life of Your Life

My paintings focus on the concept of materialism, vanity and memento mori. I use the wall as a canvas, and the canvases as my objects that I collect and collage together, similar to a Vanitas still life painting from the 15th Century. The objects are decided upon on a random system, much like how objects are collected without much thought, and are painted quickly and layered with paint. A Still Life on Your Life is a collection of paintings, each with one object painted in a void of white, stricken from its surroundings and location. The wall is filled up to the ceiling with paintings, designed in a way to cause the viewer to be emerged and make the audience feel claustrophobic, resulting in them reflecting on their own life, vanity and mortality. The purpose of rushing each painting, completing them from start to finish in one sitting, is a reflection on how we cycle through material items quickly, and without much consideration to our impact on the world or our legacy. A Still Life on Your Life is relevant to everyone, as we all act like magpies, distracted by material possessions, and are all, in one way or another, hoarders, to distract ourselves from the inevitable.

Memento Mori.