Jas Sadhra


The notions of “liminality” – to exist at and on both sides of a boundary - is incredibly relevant in my work. It arguable that ‘racialised Others occupy a liminal space of alterity; a position at the edges of society’. It is this notion of existing on the periphery of society that I attempt to present in my work. As an individual who was born in Britain but whose father and preceding family members were born in India, I cannot claim either national identity entirely, thus, I exist on the edge of both. It became apparent to me that my Indian appearance and inherited culture made me question my legitimacy in Britain, simultaneously, the ideals and values of British culture that I embodied resulted in a disconnection from my Indian heritage. The impeding feeling of not being “enough” of either has continually plagued me.

My works are primarily short film pieces which incorporate my own spoken word. This medium allows me to portray the liminal space and illuminate the difficulties that arise with being limited to a marginal space. The piece Liminal, uses two projections in order to force the viewer to experience and view from the liminal space in between.