Jasper Stinchcombe

Paintings in Motion and Time

My work is centered on the theme of time in relation to motion, painting and mundane objects and scenes. Paintings come from a tradition of stillness, in which once the artist has finished the picture it is then set forever and still. The purpose of these paintings is to capture motion in painting through the use of detailing each movement within a particular motion such as walking or dancing, and using projections of motion on the paintings in order to complete them. The kind of conceptual question one might then raise in this artwork is; which motion can be considered past, present or future, and hence what is the nature of time? Another question which also rises about the materiality of the work is; does the use of projections on paintings finish the pictures, or is the nature of this work about films using paintings as backdrops? This conflict demonstrates precisely how the concept of time and motion is in fact not set in stone, and asks the question if trying to capture motion and time in paint is a futile act in itself.

By Projecting films of motion (which is a kind of readymade) onto a painting such as a staircase, I juxtaposed a still life of stairs with a film of a figure walking down them. This creates a narrative within the painting, but also changes the concept of the painting as not just a painting, but a space in which time is interacting within it.