Lydia McCarthy

A collection of works

Lately I have found myself taking a step back from the enticing realm of surrealism and instead have begun to paint and draw in a way I truly enjoy, which is to essentially recreate a realistic portrayal of the subject matter but still aspiring to maintain a quality that is somewhat rustic, and almost ‘sketch like’ in its representation.

Alongside academia and partaking in this course, I have begun to really embrace pet portraiture, happily receiving photographs from different people and recreating their beloved pets in my own style of painting or drawing, and I find such work to maybe have influenced my practice as this particular course has progressed.

I am especially fond of painting big cats, as you may see, perhaps due to their sheer presence, but it is the process too to bringing something the ordinary person may rarely see to life. The artist George Stubbs and in particular his animal paintings have influenced my own work greatly, in ways of both use of lighting, and position and angle. I too often leave works somewhat unfinished, especially the background, to bring more focus into the foreground which I believe enhances this ‘sketch-like’ quality that I enjoy weaving into my paintings.