Mackenzie Brook


The series ‘EQUILIBRIUM’ explores environmental processes and how we as a society interact with our surroundings. Titled ‘EQUILIBRIUM’ as nature, humans, animals, art and the environment should all be in balance. Michael Singer said ‘in order to experience and learn from the natural environment … I felt the need to yield to it, respect it, to observe, learn and then work with it (Saito, 2002, P. 178)’[1]. Through gathering and sourcing natural elements to make pigments, used to dye fabrics, showing natures qualities through colour and pattern. My practice discovers what our surroundings can create, within an interior setting. Consequently, by engaging with natures unpredictably through natural dyes, and living and growing materials, such as plants, it has created an opportunity to interact deeply with environmental processes, while demonstrating these natural markers of the passing of time.