The Crash

For my degree piece, I have produced an installation named ‘The Crash’. This continues on from my work of mixed media and includes many different forms of media such as painting, sculpture, video, sound, lighting, and 3D animation.

My base narrative is the story of an asset stripper, which is someone who buys companies under the pretence of rescuing them from financial difficulty but actually sells the companies assets and makes the workers redundant. This practice is illegal in many countries, however, is legal in the UK.

My inspiration for this was taken from the actions of the Pheonix Four who brought the car company MG Rover in the west midlands who many believed asset stripped the company taking away the sum of £36 million, while 6,300 lost their jobs.

In my narrative, the asset stripper is involved in a serious car accident, in which the viewer must decide if the asset stripper makes it through this accident. However, I have added various other forms of symbolism such as religious, surreal, gender issues and references to nostalgia, whilst also presenting a form of a moral dilemma, for example, the character is a lone parent.

This creates a scenario such as ‘the trolley problem’ which is a well known social experiment in which the problem is presented of a moving train which is heading towards three people, on the other track is only one person. There is an opportunity to pull a switch which will divert the train to the track with the one person.

I have tried to recreate this scenario, along with added moral dilemmas in an attempt to engage the viewer into a conversation regarding cause and effect.