Melina Plessa

Vistas Futura, Όραμα Μέλλοντος

Each person has a point of view adjusted or formed by surroundings and other people. ‘Όραμα’, - orama, is the Greek word for vision. The vision we might have of a future, of a person or simply of ourselves. But a vision can never be completely obvious even if statistics say or show, we don’t get hold of the future. Although, there are ways that a person can predict moves or behaviors. The spring and summer terms are mainly biased and devoted to the distinction and explanation of existing vistas. Each individual contains their own, plans for their own and works for it as well but as all humans are one we are all different in ways.

This project is a quadriptych/τετράπτυχο, of a patterned abstract linework. The lines have been an obsession of mine throughout the four years of my studies with a greater formation and understanding this time. Inspired and affected by the crisis in the choice of medium as well as materials, the main input has been the long 200 x 100 cm plywood panels which have been used in the studio space from students as table tops. Damaged, soiled and covered with cuts and written words. Both sides are being exposed as one is contrasting the other. Meanwhile, both sides follow the same technique and idea of a pattern, as the main purpose is to show the difference in similarity. Distinct the present from past and future and focus on the granular effect they adapt themselves in and possibly express to whoever is able to flow around them.