Natasha Carter

Flabby Duvets

“Flabby Duvets” is an ongoing series of sculptures, installations and performances I have developed throughout the year. Through using “domestic objects” such as duvets as a metaphor for the objectification of marginalised bodies, I aim to subvert the passive nature of these objects and create an abject discourse that is dominative in exposing the systemic oppressions that are inherent within capitalism.

The duvet is a body, my body. Their abjection is my own. They are the accumulation of my labour. They are my warmth, my comfort. They are my blood, sweat and tears. They are my power.

In my performance “Youtube Dance Class” I learn a traditional Lao dance through watching a series of Youtube videos. This work aims to specifically address the abjection of fat bodies within Asian culture, creating my own safe space where I am able to explore my Lao heritage, and open a dialogue surrounding the displacement of being mixed race and fat in the UK.