Oleksandra Radchenko


Series of oil paintings “E.coli.2.0” that developed from the project “3-XI-6869421” of intensive chicken incubation within the gallery space. Paintings follow the idea of anthropocene on the bacterial level and their relationship with humans.The defected forms of minimalistic shapes, become organic in shape and colour, fighting capitalistic ideas of mass and over-production, which lead us into the age of sterile environments. Current generation of children grown in anti bacterial environment similar to a laboratory, proven to not respond to the new antibiotics, whereas the sickness grow. The problem of the generations fighting bacterias as the invisible enemy not only altered the way we conduct our daily tasks but also altered of what we eat. Environment depends on eco-systems and micro-systems for its survival, organic bacteria and tissue creates the base for the ecosystems to sustain. Their shapes of bloated tissues and the flatness of others created a simple but yet strong composition. The white background becomes a sterile environment, letting them float within a canvas as an eternal space. The gesture mark on top of them leads the focal gaze of the viewer, censoring him from the shapes on the background.