Philippa Knox

Introducing Filippa Solari

Filippa Solari is the Italian alter-ego of Philippa Knox she uses to explore and perform her cultural identity. Solari, was born from the impostorism Knox feels surrounds her identity as an Italian woman. Solari is a fusion of the female Italian stereotype, seen from within the artist’s British culture and the fragmentary influence from her Nonna’s evocative recounts of 1930-50’s Italy. Solari reaches her audience via Knox’s social media account: @phil_knox, though the first time Solari came into fruition was at an exhibition hosted within the house of the artists, Housing the Gallery. At the exhibition, a blindfolded Solari conducted the Ritualistic Assemblage of the Lasagna to an intimate audience who were then invited to share the meal amidst Solari’s company. Solari’s augmented existence gives Knox the opportunity to connect to her Italian identity and subsequently engage her audience, allowing them to participate in her exploration.