Ros Fewell

50 Dirty Little Secrets

50 Dirty Little Secrets is a performance art piece focusing on the ever growing issue of sexual abuse. It aims to force the audience to acknowledge the after effects of sexual abuse through art in a form more personal than a monotone news report. I am unable to represent all pain and suffering from the stories of sexual abuse but I aim to represent the horror that is left after. I will reflect upon this by bathing in a bath of raw meat whilst reading a book I have published of sexual abuse stories I have collected over this final year. The piece depicts a very natural everyday event we all take part in cleaning our flesh; our bodies, our mind’s prison. The concept of bathing in raw meat not only represents the abused bodies that will never feel clean but also a visual horror to the audience of the aftermath that is left.

The illustrated book of 50 Dirty Little Secrets will be available to buy at the exhibition and online, with all profits going to those who have suffered. My aim is to infect the minds of the viewers through performance art form giving a more forceful presentation of the suffering these people have experienced that needs to stop.