Sophie Bossino

Traces de Mèmoire

My practice largely concerns change and loss in the passage of time and what remains. I use memory as a topic to address the effects of time on my grandfathers alzheimer’s. Through this, I utilise different types of media’s such as photography, video, sound and installation which all support and negotiate eachother throughout my practice.

‘Traces de Mèmoire’ consists of an interactive installation which is based on a memory of my grandfather, his old work environment. My grandfather was a general manager to a hotel in Gibraltar and this is the one clear thing that he always remembers. From this I wanted to create a piece that represented his past self to his present self, juxtaposing certain elements. Memory is very precious and can take on forms of sensations and emotions through the use of certain elements. By incorporating video, images and sound into my installation, I am therefore creating and documenting a specific part of my grandfathers life.