Taniya Dharani

Isolation of Dislocation

‘Where is home?’ ‘Who am I?’ Where do I belong?’ ‘What do I feel?’ are some questions I find myself asking quite often. From term to term this year, I found myself exploring my cultural and mental identity via painting medium. My acrylic paintings have in the past addressed topics such as ‘Cultural Roots’, to ‘Identity’, to ‘Alienation’ and at present has developed around the idea of ‘Isolation of Dislocation’ by creation of ‘Hybridity’.

My interest was looking from the point of view of an alienated international artists. My aim was to portray alienation of an individual in a different light, whether an alienated artist or not. I worked on creating Hybrid creatures from my conscious and well as subconscious imagination and also working around complimentary colour combinations of the background and the Hybrid creature to give a deep complimentary effects.I have also been producing planet like repetitive circles with different techniques with mixing of thick acrylic paints, stamping of different paints on the canvas and also spray painting in circles.