Tomer Boulton

The Observation Project: Series 1

The Observation Project: Series 1 features four studies surrounding a disused rake suspended in a white room. For the initial application of meaning, I spent twelve hours in isolation with the readymade. Although near unbearable, the experience in hindsight confirmed that, like a Rorschach Test, a spectator is able to see personal associations reflect off the mirrored surface of vacuity. This happening was echoed in a time laps, where a monitor mounted to the back wall looped the images. Imbedded in the left wall was a speaker, giving a voice to the public whose images hung horizontally above and below. This setup was mirrored on the opposing side with studio artists. The front face was left open, allowing an audience to see themselves as the fourth study of active observers. The internalisation of junk, and the externalised meaning was aided by these pre-existing models that bridge the gap between subject and object. The point being, not just to observe, but to look at how one observes. The bridge was successful in that the audience/participants embodied the readymade with meaning and value, yet, there was no clear acknowledgment of the bridge, as it was only seen in affect.