Toyah-Marie Papp

The Craft of Being a Witch

For thousands of years Witches have been persecuted for being a Witch, accused of practicing and working with the devil, all for the simple reason they were practicing the religions of old. Paganism and Witchcraft has been round for many years, longer than Christianity. It was the Puritans and Christians who chose to torture and kill thousands of innocent people, all for the simple reason that they were scared. The Craft of Being a Witch, works with the powers of the Triple Moon Goddesses Mother, Maiden and Crone. Mother being mother nature herself, bringing new life into this world, Maiden being the innocence that we all still have, the lessons we are yet to still learn and Crone she is the wise old owl, she is death and the passing of our time, connecting us back to Mother Earth, from which all once came from. We right the wrongs that were accused against us, making it clear what was said and thought about us is not true, when it was our ancestors who were burned tortured and killed just for working with the phases of the moon and Mother Nature herself. This work is to tell a story, open people’s eyes and look at Witch craft in a different light. Consider the magic and powers of what it truly means to be a Witch as ‘We are the Grandchild of the Witches you were not able to burn’.