Valeria Radchenko

Just Look Outside

My practice explores IDENTITY, and sometimes the dissolution thereof - what does it mean to be human? What is the experience of a queer, multi-cultural body existing in the 21st century? How do we resist/destroy/transform the structures of oppression? How do we care about ourselves/others/the environment? How can we blur the boundary between individual and collective? This is where my interest in the VOICE stems from - the physical voice and its physical effects, the spread of information, the story of an individual, representation, the power of words…

Nature, technology, magic
Self-care, fiction, identity
Trance, parties/clubs/festivals, empathy
Vibrations, music, communication, translation, relations/relationships
States of consciousness, emotions, intuition

Writing, dancing, performing, singing, drawing, video,
talking, playing, meditating, chanting,
sharing, loving, workshops

I make art from the perspective that the PROCESS is for me to enjoy and the outcome is for the audience as a result of being frustrated with my own inner critic. I fill the art-making process with experimentation, AUTOMATIC expression and ritual, to feed my intuitive voice so it may speak louder and clearer to me, following what makes me feel vulnerable/afraid because it means something, and sincerity is important. I also like to imbibe my experimentation with INTENTION, be it for personal or collective purposes, though they mostly blur.